Coinapult Raises $775,000 in funding from a group of notable investors and investment firms


Coinapult Raises $775,000 in funding from a group of notable investors and investment firms

Coinapult, the Panama-based Bitcoin wallet service provider has raised the capital through two rounds of funding. The company raised $775,000 in funding from a group of notable investors and investment firms that include Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, angel investor Roger Ver and technology-focused VC firm FirstMark Capital.

At the occasion the company said that as it aims to use the money for additional marketing and product improvements, the funding is going to help it a lot. The CFO and COO of the company Justin Blincoe said that the biggest benefit will be the expertise of its now-solidified investor group which according to him will help in emerge bigger name in Bitcoin wallet market.

Talking to media professionals Blincoe said that the reality of the Bitcoin landscape is there are a lot of wallets and the industry is crowded with the services provider. According to him it’s not difficult to come out with a wallet; however, it’s difficult to have a very good wallet and that’s what will separate the wheat from the chaff.

The company claims that its Bitcoin wallet helps customers receive, store, and send Bitcoin with confidence using its robust payment tools. The official website of the company claims that not only are its wallets safe, they’re also completely free, giving the users the ability to do more with their money. Thus, it’s confident about the features available in Bitcoin wallet it offers.

Easy, Powerful and Safe Bitcoin Wallet from Coinapult

Claiming to offer easy, powerful and safe Bitcoin wallet, Coinapult says that its wallet is built around customers’ needs with functionality at its core. It says that the Coinapult team has been building secure Bitcoin systems since 2011 and is honored to present the customers with a no-hassle way to enjoy cutting-edge features.

Coinapult promises to help customers receive and send money at the speed of the internet as according to it Bitcoin allows for instant, frictionless transactions anywhere in the world and its wallet is designed to keep it that way. The company says that it believes in the power of Bitcoin to liberate many from poverty and exploitation.

At the occasion of the funding, Lawrence Lenihan, founder and managing director at FirstMark Capital, a VC firm whose past investments include Lumosity, Pinterest and Shopify, showed his optimism. He said that Coinapult has bright and long-term prospects.

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