Coinabul to Complete Its Two Successful Years Next Month

Coinabul to Complete Its Two Successful Years Next Month
Coinabul to Complete Its Two Successful Years Next Month

Coinabul to Complete Its Two Successful Years Next Month

Formed in October 2011, Coinabul, Bitcoin’s largest gold and silver selling service, is going to complete its two years of success the next month. The company gives traders its resources that they can secure their earnings wisely whether they are a transaction processor, service operator, Bitcoin business owner, or market speculator.

A company professional admits that it has been its relationships with reputable gold dealers and special access to Bitcoin liquidity which helps it does fast processing of the customers’ orders. In the last two years, Coinabul has expanded considerably not only in terms of massive increase in trade volume, but also in terms of new features and value added services.

Now, Coinabul provides user-friendly buying and selling experience for customers; however, the feature that is appreciated a lot by customers is its API which allows computer programs to purchase gold and silver automatically. The company claims that there are several advantages from API:

The first advantage from API is that now traders can use it to make limit orders and stop losses of gold or silver and at the same time convert a given supply of Bitcoins into precious metals when they see that the price has hit a certain value.

The second advantage is that traders can now connect the API to a merchant platform to allow a business convert its revenues into gold and silver automatically and instantly. Now that shipping is available worldwide, it does not take much time for delivery of gold and silver.


In fact, Coinabul has special arrangement with shipping companies and has a special shipping infrastructure to provide safe and secure delivery of customers’ investment to their doorsteps. The company also promises that it always keeps its prices up to date as it updates the spot price of bullion and Bitcoin every single minute of the day.

Moreover, as Coinabul has done the proper legwork as the only Bitcoin to Gold resource, it assures its customers about all its transactions. The company has worked hard to get the legal foundation, financial backing, corporate status, and significant software development to ensure that customers get complete solution.

Like the last year’s anniversary celebration and offers wherein Coinabul offered $12 per ounce off gold purchases and $1.5 per ounce off silver – roughly 0.67% and 4.5% off the average cost of each one, respectively, this year too customers may expect similar offers/bonuses.

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