The Co-Founder of Safello to Establish Tokyo-based Consulting Firm


The Co-Founder of Safello to Establish Tokyo-based Consulting Firm

As the co-founder of Swedish exchange Safello, Emil Oldenburg leaves the company, his decision to join a team of Bitcoin security experts in establishing a new Tokyo-based consulting firm has come to the news. There is some speculation that he may also be part of a team that is assisting the team to find the lost Bitcoin of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox.

Emil Oldenburg who worked as Safello’s chief technology officer left Sweden just last month and is now an official co-founder at WizSec. The new company he is joining is a startup that has been performing unofficial analysis of Gox’s transaction records. He says that he wanted to do something different after launching Safello in August 2013.

According to him, a love of Japanese pop culture and a desire to return to his infosec roots drove him to make a quick decision on a chance offer. He admitted that he saw an opportunity in Japan and decided that he needed to act now, as it wouldn’t be there forever. Later on he met Wizsec’s chief hacking officer J. Maurice at the Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup.

This was this meeting that prompted him to decide. Soon he got an offer from the company he is going to work with. Sharing his views Maurice said the engineer, who had racked up more than two years as a systems security specialist at NASDAQ in Europe, was a catch for his fledgling company.

Mt. Gox Lost Valuable Investments from Its Customers

He admitted that the company’s goal is to recruit the most elite hackers from all over the world, so it is honored to have Emil come join it to co-found its Bitcoin security firm. Nonetheless, in November, San Francisco-based Kraken launched its local Japanese exchange where it was selected by bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi.

Nobuaki Kobayashi hired the company to assist him and the Tokyo Metropolitan police in their investigation into what became of Mt Gox’s 650,000 still unaccounted-for Bitcoin. There on WizSec signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Kraken wherein it agreed not to discuss its current work.

Nonetheless, WizSec that was started by Maurice after leaving IT firm Wiz Technologies in order to focus exclusively on Bitcoin business used its reconstructed Gox data to form new theories on what may have happened to the funds. The company is also busy signing up other clients for security-related jobs involving audits and pen-testing.

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