Circle Plus Payments Launches Android and iOS Mobile Payments Apps


Circle Plus Payments Launches Android and iOS Mobile Payments Apps

In a press release, Circle Plus Payments informs that it is launching an Android and iOS mobile payments app in 18 countries. From now on, customers in all of Europe, Australia, and North America will be able to accept credit cards or Bitcoin in local currency on their Smartphone. This is expected to help it enhance its popularity to great extent in these regions.

Nonetheless, the newly released Smartphone app Payable also allows anyone with a Smartphone in 18 countries to be a merchant and accept credit cards or Bitcoins instantly. The users don’t need any extra hardware for that and transact without the need for merchant accounts and their associated fees.

According to the company after downloading the “Payable” app from Google Play or iTunes, the users will signup totally free. Additionally, they will experience low transaction fees ranging from 1% to 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. However, the biggest problem for individuals and merchants globally is accepting credit cards and Bitcoins.

The company says that Payable is the first app where anyone with a Smartphone in the 18 countries that can accept any credit or debit card without any extra hardware. Nonetheless, now anyone can accept Bitcoin in their local currency without any conversion loss or having to hold Bitcoin when he has Payable in his mobile phone.

Moreover, as the Payable app has instant sign up, anyone or even merchant with a bank account can usually start accepting payments right away. This is expected to help merchants accept credit cards or Bitcoin without lengthy merchant accounts, purchase expensive EMV terminals to comply with chip and pin regulations.

Cost-Effective Payment Solution for Users

In fact, even CEO Nitish Kannan of Circle Plus Payments admits that there are more and more ways to pay, whether that’s Bitcoin or a credit card. According to him the company’s goal was to make sure any merchant could accept any sale almost anywhere in the world. Payable, a simple mobile payments app has immense role in empowering people.

According to the company with this app anyone in the available countries can accept credit cards or Bitcoin transactions without any extra hardware or costly fees required by merchant accounts. Moreover, as Payable aims to empower everyone to accept credit cards and Bitcoins seamlessly with the new mobile payments app, Bitcoin will reach to more people.

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