China Blocks Official Bitcoin Blog


China Blocks Bitcoin Official Blog – The administrator of popular Bitcoin forum BitcoinTalk.ORG yesterday informed the world about them being blocked by China’s online censorship program The Golden Shield Project, operating under one of the government’s divisions.

Once a promising land for cryptocurrencies, China is gradually turning into a hellhole. The blocking of BitcoinTalk.ORG is not the only example that explains the country’s backend strategies to eradicate Bitcoin off its territory. Months before, the Bitcoin market took a massive crash when the Chinese government put a dictatorial law over the commercial banks to end their business ties with local Bitcoin businesses. In another ruling, they barred finance companies to list anything related to Bitcoin trades, even the prices.

Amusingly, China seems to be only fighting Bitcoin, as the nation is still counted among the major traders of Litecoin, Darkcoin, and various other altcoins. Unlike BitcoinTalk.ORG, the official blogs of these aforementioned coins are still away from the government’s harsh rulings.

Meanwhile, an individual from Shanghai rubbished the reports and informed others about his ability to access the Bitcoin forum without any hassle. Later on, it was found that the individual was accessing the website from Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone, which reportedly doesn’t come under the jurisdiction of The Golden Shield Project. Quite an incentive China!

But overall, what we received is another hint of China’s view on Bitcoin, let alone cryptocurrency. In some ways, this news strengthens Bitcoin market rather than deteriorate it. The unsure stands of multiple national governments have always harmed Bitcoin in some way. We trust China to soon publish their official stand on this virtual currency as well.

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