Chesterfield Readies itself for Campaign against Fracking


Chesterfield Readies itself for Campaign against FrackingWhile Chesterfield, Massachusetts isn’t one of the towns that a proposed natural gas pipeline is expected to pass through, activists in the town are lobbying for a resolution that bans fracking.

Roughly 50 people attended an event at the Chesterfield Community Center where Attorney Katy Eiseman of No Fracked Gas in Mass and Bruce Winn of Berkshire Environmental Action Team made a presentation on the proposed pipeline.

Denise Cormier, who organized the event, said she was aiming at educating the residents on the project, and marshal support for a resolution that effectively bars “fracked gas” in the area. Cormier revealed that it needs only 10 signatures to table a resolution before the Town’s annual meeting.


“These pipelines are notorious for cracks, leaks, and explosions. What happens in the environment does not just stop at town boundaries,” Cormier said. “We want to support our neighbors in helping to keep the pipeline out of their towns, as well as making sure that it doesn’t come here either.”

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co, which is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP of Houston, is the proposer of the pipeline. Kinder Morgan operates the largest storage facilities and natural gas pipelines in the United States with about 180 terminals and 80,000 miles of pipelines in North America.

 “We invited representatives of the project to attend tonight’s meeting, but they declined to come, saying that they were planning on conducting their own meetings in the area,” Cormier added.

The pipeline will traverse 179 miles across the northern part of Massachusetts through Richmond to Dracut. While the project is still in planning stages, the project’s representatives are presently reaching out to property owners whose land sits on the proposed route to obtain permission to carry out surveys.

 “We are telling people to deny surveyors access to their land,” Eiseman said. “This creates a delay and becomes an expense for the company.”

Hydraulic fracking, or more commonly fracking, is a controversial drilling method that involves pumping in a mixture of water, chemicals and fine sand at high pressure to release fossil fuels trapped in the shale rocks.

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