Charlie Shrem’s Attorney Pleads for Postponing Court Case Till April 28th

Charlie Shrem’s Attorney Pleads for Postponing the Case Till April 28th
Charlie Shrem’s Attorney Pleads for Postponing the Case Till April 28th

Charlie Shrem’s Attorney Pleads for Postponing the Case Till April 28th

Charlie Shrem is trying to buy time before presenting himself for the case where he has been accused to be a part of the Silk Road scandal. According to a March 28th filing in Manhattan federal court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Serrin Turner who is representing the 24-year-old Charlie Shrem, his client wants the case to be postponed until April 28th.

Serrin Turner in his statement said that a possible deal to end the case may be coming through as negotiations are going on and postponing the case gives him and his client some time to make the deal work. Charlie Shrem, one of the brightest lads around the digital currency economy who made his future with little to no investment was arrested earlier in January.

This former BitInstant CEO and Bitcoin Foundation board member is facing the charge that he laundered over $1 million in connection with the infamous dark web marketplace Silk Road, an online den for illegal drugs. Though Silk Road was shut later on by the government agencies when it became clear that the organization was violating the laws, litigation is still going on.

Along with Charlie Shrem, Robert Faiella is another co-defendant who has been accused of being involved in the sale of Bitcoins on the black market site Silk Road, which in turn allowed users of the site to buy and sell illegal drugs. Case is interesting because it is being handled by firebrand US Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara.


Preet Bharara is known for Getting Convictions for the Accused

Preet Bharara is someone who has an excellent record in getting convictions and none knows better than former McKinsey & Company, Inc. chief Rajat Gupta who was punished for insider trading. Recently, he was involved in one big diplomatic mess which was created by the arrest of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York.

Now, after two months of his arrest, Charlie Shrem’s team is working on some possible way outs and plead deal seems the best option for now. The latest plea to postpone the case till 28th April is just a time buying effort on the part of his attorney Serrin Turner. But the track record of Preet Bharara who is going to oppose this plea may blunt the efforts.
Earlier, Preet Bharar – US Manhattan Attorney brought in Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind the illegal Silk Road site, to deck.

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