Charlie Shrem is Optimistic about Bitcoin despite Some Holes in It


Charlie Shrem is Optimistic about Bitcoin despite Some Holes in It

At the premiere of the documentary film ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ Charlie Shrem was an attraction for the obvious reason that he achieved something when he is still in his early twenties. Though he was arrested for the alleged charges of money laundering, he is still respected for his vision.

In the talk after the show, Mr. Shrem was incredibly hopeful about the future of Bitcoin and beamed with pride and said that there’s a place for the digital currency in the heart of every person. He hopes that someday 10 years from now, 20 years from now, the cryptocurrency will be powering the underlying infrastructure of the banking system.

Charlie Shrem is of the opinion that Bitcoin will transform the way people send money nationally and internationally. It will be easier to send and receive money once Bitcoin is accepted around the world. The documentary ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ provides the much needed information about the much talked digital currency.

The documentary is an enthusiastic portrait that introduces the various ways super-early adopters have tried to stake claims in what they see as a vast new frontier. The premier was attended by filmmakers Nicholas Mross and Daniel Mross who joined Mr. Shrem and Mr. Popper and discussed the digital currency, its future and challenges.


The event saw Bitcoin magnates like Mr. Shrem, Jered Kenna of Tradehill, Gonzague Gay-Bouchery of Mt. Gox and Mike Caldwell of Casascius Coins who put their views on the digital currency as well. As Charlie Shrem is one of the film’s main characters, his presence was expected as he could give his perspective on what he went through these years.

‘I Don’t Want to Go Jail’ Says Charlie Shrem

The documentary also shows the debacles the digital currency saw recently including the arrest of Mr. Shrem about which he talked at the premier. He is currently under house arrest and got permission to attend the talk in the School of Visual Arts Theatre for the

Tribeca Film Festival last night.

Talking about his house arrest he said that it really frustrating as he has to pretty much be at his mother’s home in Brooklyn all the time, every day. He can’t even go outside, unless he is going to his lawyer’s office, which is once or twice a week. However, he says that he is talking to lawyers every day so he won’t go to jail.

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