Charles Lee Wants Litecoin on Bloomberg


Charles Lee Wants Litecoin on Bloomberg – With the news of Bitcoin quotes getting listed on Bloomberg, Charles Lee thinks that Litecoin holds the chances of attaining similar recognition in the near future.

The celebrated Litecoin creator recently admitted to have been working with Bloomberg on the Coinbase BTC integration. In one of his posts on Reddit, he claimed that one of the Bloomberg guys told him that their website is also interested in integrating Litecoin in its services. The guy, as per Lee, advised him that this integration will only be possible if customers request so.


Lee also mentioned a few excerpts from the recent Bloomberg press release to prove his point. The first one was: “While Bitcoin and other virtual currency markets are still nascent, they represent an interesting intersection of finance and technology,” while the other one was: “Clients are increasingly interested in Bitcoin and other digital currencies and are looking for tools to better monitor developments in these markets.”

In a way, Lee wanted to address the whole Litecoin community to come together and launch a program to send Litecoin to Bloomberg. Although, unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin is not supported on Coinbase. This situation was sparked by one of the Redditors, in reply of which Lee said “Patience”, following with a smiling emoticon. Something cooking?

Although, not all the Litecoin users are paid customers at Bloomberg, but it is still tough to predict how many of the Bloomberg customers are Litecoin users. Either way, Charles Lee plans to boost Litecoin further. Let’s wait and watch!

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