ChangeTip Allows Users Swap Digital Currency Tips for Real-life Goods


ChangeTip Allows Users Swap Digital Currency Tips for Real-life Goods

ChangeTip, a micropayment platform built by ChangeCoin, Inc., an American corporation based in San Francisco, California, which specializes in online micropayments using the digital currency Bitcoin, has now announced that users can swap their digital currency tips for real-life goods, thanks to integration with digital gift card provider Gyft.

In the announcement the company said that it has partnered with Gyft to provide the users with gift cards to purchase with all those tips they have earned. Nonetheless, once the users purchase a gift card, it will be managed within Gyft and may be redeemed within the United States. This is expected to further expand the reach to the users.

Talking about the entire development the blog post from the company says that it has enabled the newest experiment, Tipworthy: a place to find the most valuable content on the internet. Now on users can post content they find tip-worthy, tip content, and discover content that others deem tip-worthy.

ChangeTip also claims that it has also improved the navigation to make sure the users have access to view their balance and logged in user information from any page. Ever since the company raised $4.25m in funding, it has been trying to brands itself as a ‘love button’ for various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Additional Option to Help the Users have Choices

Though until now, ChangeTip users could top up their accounts via Coinbase, Bitcoin or credit/debit card, the company now enabled them only cash out in Bitcoin. However, now that it has brought in this offer, users have the option to redeem gift cards from Starbucks, iTunes, Xbox and Amazon. They range from $1 all the way up to $2,000.

ChangeTip’s withdrawal page informs the users that alongside denominations in dollars and ‘bits’ (0.000001 BTC), the platform has various ‘monikers’ that include coffees ($1.50), doughnuts ($0.35) and high-fives ($5.00). These can be offered to the fellow users as a tip and make the entire endeavor a success.

Victoria van Eyk, ChangeTip’s community manager admitted that they are doing this because it’s important for people to use their tips. Therefore, if some user receives a coffee, claim the coffee. If it goes well the company would love to link monikers to gift cards, so they can send someone an item and have them claim it at a store.

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