CEX.IO Adds Darkcoin Trading to Its Platform


CEX.IO Adds Darkcoin Trading to Its Platform

ForexMinute.com – UK-based cryptocurrency exchange and clouding mining service provider Cex.IO recently added Darkcoin trading to its platform. The announcement came at a time when the Darkcoin market cap was falling hugely amidst the overall negative sentiment of the cryptocurrency market. It however didn’t add much optimism to the market, but is still considered to be an important step towards promoting an innovative digital currency like Darkcoin.

Despite everything working in its favor, Darkcoin is still lacking in terms of mass merchant and user adoption, which is further impacting its price and market cap. CEX.IO’s decision to offer Darkcoin trading at least holds the credibility to solve this issue. The cryptocurrency exchange are among the only companies that allows direct conversion of digital currencies into fiat (Dollars/Euros). This helps Darkcoin being more liquidated than ever. At present, its maximum trades are associated with Bitcoin which somewhat impact the Darkcoin market. With an increase in DRK vs USD/EUR trades, Darkcoin price can directly associate itself with the dollars and euros, making the coin more stable.

Other than the trading features, CEX.IO also offers Darkcoin users an option to cloud mine their own units. The streamlining between mining and trading thus becomes very smooth, added with CEX.IO interactive and attractive user-interface. Not only this feature saves users from the unnecessary hassles of buying and trading, but it also ensures that the overall procedure remains cost-effective.

CEX.IO is a London-based Bitcoin crypto exchange and the first cloud mining service. As an exchange, CEX.IO has a wide variety of trading pairs, including fiat money (USD and EUR), cryptocurrencies and mining commodities (GHS or Bitcoin cloud mining power). CEX.IO works in conjunction with the largest Bitcoin mining pool — GHash.IO, and is trusted by over 300,000 users from all over the world.

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