Celebrity Tech Entrepreneur Proposes to Launch National Cryptocurrency in New Zealand


Celebrity Tech Entrepreneur Proposes to Launch National Cryptocurrency in New Zealand

ForexMinute.com – The Michael Corleone of tech world, Kim Dotcom is once again making his way back to internet paparazzi. The man, who is still facing copyright-infringement charges in the US owing to his file-sharing internet venture Megaupload, has planned to come to the other side of the law by launching a political party in New Zealand, known to everyone as the Internet Party.

For a political party, the name is unique to ears. But the real distinctiveness arrives with the Dotcom’s series of goals – one of them being the introduction of a national cryptocurrency inside the Kiwi territory. His idea to inaugurate a political movement that brings freedom to the internet sector comes instantly appealing to almost everyone who is connected to internet in some way. Cryptocurrencies, to be specific, might just go just well in the Dotcom’s party upcoming manifesto.

Excerpts from the Internet Party’s website further clear the air. They are as follows:
“The Internet Party will support the introduction of a New Zealand-sponsored digital currency that is safe, secure and encrypted, providing for instant international transactions at minimal cost. By becoming a digital currency leader, New Zealand can become a key hub for a growing financial sector.”


The idea brings back a long-lost perfect scenario in which a government is actually backing the unregulated and decentralized versions of money. But in strict sense, the potential corruption involved in this process will certainly bring back economy to the same state, only the names would be changed from New Zealand Dollar to New Zealand Digital Coin.

Though, we must be optimistic about the involvement of Kim Dotcom in the whole process. The man, although termed as the bad boy of the internet, is considered a hero among the netizens. He is the world’s largest tech entrepreneur whose image is downright worse in the US, his native Germany and his present address New Zealand itself. But his contribution to the tech world has also been welcomed by the people – the power he believes in now; it seems.

But despite the negativity, Kim Dotcom’s brainchild party is also looking forward to introduce something really unique by using politics as it weapon – be it cheaper, unlimited internet, innovative and high-tech jobs, spying and net freedom, modernize schools and dozen other things that people can relate with in their day-to-day lives.

Vote wisely Kiwis!

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