CCEDK Mulling a Plan to Launch Its Own Bitcoin Debit Cards


CCEDK Mulling a Plan to Launch Its Own Bitcoin Debit Cards,

As Bitcoin is reaching to new places, exchange rate going up, a number of two-way Bitcoin ATMs are being installed; CCEDK is mulling a plan to introduce its own Bitcoin debit cards. According to an announcement the company has announced that it is coming out with its own Bitcoin debit card that will provide high-end experience to the users.

Additionally, the communication release from the firm says that in addition to strictly storing the funds as Bitcoin or USD, the users will have the option to store their money as BitShares. Based in Hune near Blokhus at the northwest coast line of Denmark, the company is committed to make a difference and servicing all present and future users of crypto coins.

The company informs that it would be pegged to the value of the dollar or other major currencies like Euro, Yen, etc. Moreover, as this feature is not available in many card programs available to Bitcoiners, although Bitreserve have come along to try and deal with the problem of volatility, CCEDK hopes it would be able to carve a niche for itself.

It has come to notice that the new card will be called the NanoCard. The company says it will be broadly available to customers of the exchange beginning today. Talking about the product, the CEO of the exchange said that something like the NanoCard could be a “killer app” for Bitcoin as the features the features have been designed and developed for users.

He is of the view that Bit-x, CCEDK, Cryptonomex, BitShares: each provides a part of the puzzle and the result is Bitcoin’s killer app. There are a number of other Bitcoin debit cards out there, including some that allow the user to receive part of their pay in Bitcoin, then still have access to the funds for spending even after the conversion to Bitcoin.

NanoCard is Powerful and Comes with Rich Features

CEO Ronny Boesing was quoted saying that the company has combined the strengths of digital currencies pioneered by Bitcoin with the universal acceptance of major credit cards. He further cleared that it is the combination of technologies that makes the NanoCard so powerful and according to him with rich features users will definitely like it.

Moreover, as CCEDK is partnering with Cryptonomex to provide new security measures to protect funds and trading, a lot of users who are particular about security will prefer it more than other similarly placed services providers. Cryptonomex will create auditing and transparency layers for CCEDK’s customers to verify what’s on the exchange.

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