CCEDK Introduces NXT/USD and NXT/EUR Exchange Services


CCEDK Introduces NXT/USD and NXT/EUR Exchange Services – Nxt is indeed working towards becoming the next best cryptocurrency in the market. The next generation coin, which was already famous for its unique source code and a dozen other built-in features, is further catching eyeballs with its increasing influence in the mainstream market. This gets further proved by the recent announcement of renowned Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK, which has added two new Nxt trading instruments.

The newly introduced trading instruments are NXT/USD and NXT/EUR, making Nxt directly exchangeable with US Dollar and Euro. Earlier, users were required to first exchange NXT with BTC, in order to receive the outcome in USD. CCEDK has thus eliminated an unrequired step to ease its services for Nxt users.


CCEDK although is still the second cryptocurrency exchange to offer Nxt-to-fiat-currency exchange services. The first one was China-based Bitcoin exchange BTER, which allowed users to exchange Nxt with USD and CNY. However, the Chinese territory has lately become a danger zone for cryptocurrency businesses due to which Nxt couldn’t take much benefit from it.

According to, the value of Nxt has increased substantially since the announcement. The coin’s current market cap is over $51 million and is the third wealthiest one among over 300 cryptocurrencies. It also holds around 20,000 active customers, which will eventually be going to benefit CCEDK.

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