Cannabitseeds Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

Cannabitseeds Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies
Cannabitseeds Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies

Cannabitseeds Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies, the internet’s number one Cannabis Seed Store now accepts crypto currencies. The announcement was made earlier today by one of the partners in Reddit. In his announcement he said that it might not sound like the hugest deal unless customers are on the hunt for the finest cannabis seeds but the company decided to go one step further than most.

He also said that his company does not just accept crypto currencies but is entirely built inside the crypto ecosystem. In fact, he made it clear that his company decided to try and run without any fiat input. He said that he has 4 radeon 7950s that have been mining for the past 8 months beneath my desk and they are his budget.

The website says that the founders of the organization believe in the future of medical marijuana and its ability to help many people. According to them the key to helping most people is variety, and not everyone responds to the same strains ofcannabis.

Therefore, by offering hundreds of different varieties in stable seed, form growers can be sure that what they are growing is right for them.


Everything is About Cannabis and Cryptocurrencies

From his announcement in Reddit, it looks the founders are focused on digital currencies and cannabis as in his introduction the user says that he bought hosting, domain, SSL certificate all with Bitcoins mined. He also said that whatever amount is left with him and whatever amount of Bitcoin he will mine later on will be used for advertising and expansion.

In order to make things easier while operating, the company managed to convince its biggest distributor to accept Bitcoin. Thus, if things go as the way they have been planned, the organization is all set for full Crypto. The partner said that the team made up of Canadians and Brits where seeds are not illegal and are openly sold in stores, it is doing a legitimate business.

Answering to a question in the thread, he said that there is no need for his company to legitimize anything as it is not breaking the law; however, it made it clear that for some users in the US where the US government has taken a hard-line against cannabis seeds, it is difficult to understand that there can be a legitimate way as well as it is not illegal in various countries.

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