Cannabis Opponents Urge Oregon and Alaska to Stop Pot Legalization


Cannabis Opponents Urge Oregon and Alaska to Stop Legalizing Pot

Both Oregon and Alaska are actively involved in legalizing marijuana by the end of 2014, with the former even scheduled to start the registration of pot dispensaries from Monday. – In times when cannabis legalization in Oregon and Alaska are expected to be effective at the end of this year, many pot opponents have been urging the states to reconsider their judgment, owing to the harmful impacts this law will inflict on the society.

Two group among them – Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) and Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) – has even joined hands to oppose marijuana for recreational use. While the former represents a total of 57 Native American tribes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Western Montana and Northern California, the latter is headed by former US representative Patrick Kennedy and a former federal drug policy advisor Kevin Sabet.

According to a report published in The Oregon, the two groups released a joint statement regarding their strong opposition to marijuana legalization. Simon Lee Sampson of Yakama Indian Nation, when proclaiming on the behalf of all the tribes, confirmed to “stand with SAM in support of their principles”, and also confirmed the ATNI’s support in “drug prevention, treatment, intervention, and recover effects that focus on reducing marijuana use, especially among youth.”

“We cannot deny that marijuana legalization will have a devastating impact on our communities and we want none of it,” he said.

Meanwhile, many are hopeful of both Oregon and Alaska to legalize medical cannabis by the end of this year.



Oregon has even announced to start registering the pot dispensaries from Monday onward. The state already has a booming marijuana industry, with over 60,000 patients already registered to use medicinal marijuana. Contrariwise, The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program aims to particularize the marijuana retails to limit the drug’s availability to only patients.

As the plea of the opposing groups going almost unheard, the pot legalization might go into its next stage in Oregon for now. Whilst Alaska is waiting for the summers, in which denizens will vote themselves whether they want to legalize cannabis or not. The state has just official qualified the proposal on Wednesday, certified formally by the Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell.

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