Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients Plan to Protest against New Rules


Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients Plan to Protest against New RulesUsers of medical marijuana plan to protest on Parliament Hill, a day after Ottawa revealed that it will oppose an injunction that blocks new rules that require marijuana users to obtain it from commercial growers.

The new regulations by Marijuana for Medical Purposes have been opposed by its users, saying it will make it more difficult for them to obtain the drug.

One user, Alison Myrden, who is afflicted by neuralgia and suffers from chronic progressive multiple sclerosis since 1992, said she relies on the drug everyday as it has helped her reduce her use of morphine and other drugs that left her bed-ridden.

“Literally, cannabis has gotten me out of my wheelchair and walking again on most days,” Ms Myrden told CTV’s Canada AM on Tuesday. “It’s stopped the violent shaking. And I have an excruciating pain in my face and head 24 hours a day that’s known as the worst pain in medicine called ‘tic douloureux’ and literally, I can get relief from that pain within minutes of smoking a marijuana cigarette.”

Myrden has cultivated her own pot for over 15 years, and relying on a commercial supplier is not in her mind. She also complained about the new regulations that allow her to carry a maximum of 5 ounces or 150 grams of marijuana at a time.

“Five ounces would not last me if I went away for a week. So that’s the sort of thing we’re fighting,” she says.

The new rules were to take effect from today, but the Federal Court of Canada awarded an injunction in early March that permits Canada’s 40,000 medical marijuana users to continue planting their own pot for now. The federal government said on Monday that it will challenge the injunction.

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