Canadian Medical Marijuana Firm Voluntarily Recalls Moldy Product


Canadian Medical Marijuana Firm Voluntarily Recalls Moldy ProductA Canadian medical marijuana company Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. is recalling a moldy consignment of White Widow pot after laboratory tests conducted by Health Canada detected the mold after clients voiced complaints about the appearance of the product. The company grows all its marijuana stock organically.

Health Canada, which is tasked with supervising the infant medical marijuana sector, noted that while mold doesn’t have any detrimental effect on healthy individuals, it may pose risks to individuals with weaker immune systems, reported Huffington Post.

More than 40,000 registered Canadians rely on medical marijuana to manage conditions such as chronic pain and manage symptoms associated with serious medical conditions such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Whistler advised all clients who purchased the product in the offending batch to stop using it. The patients can either destroy it at home—by mixing it with water and cat litter or send it back to the company.

This is the third medical marijuana recall since April, when the new medical marijuana program was implemented.

Meanwhile, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush opposed the legalization of medical marijuana in the state, fearing that doing so may harm its reputation as a family-friendly state. Campaigners are rallying the public to vote to legalize use of marijuana for medical purposes in the November ballot.

“Florida leaders and citizens have worked for years to make the Sunshine State a world-class location to start or run a business, a family-friendly destination for tourism and a desirable place to raise a family or retire,” said Mr. Bush.

A recent poll conducted showed that 88 percent of those surveyed will vote in favor of legalization of the medical use of marijuana, compared to a tiny 10 percent who oppose it. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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