Canada Might Actually Love Bitcoins

Bitcoin London Conference to Be Held on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Bitcoin London Conference to Be Held on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Everybody might have heard about the popularity and growth of Bitcoins, which is mounting like a rocket bounces into space. But it seems like Canada is one of the reasons for the overnight-fame of this virtual currency.

The reason lays in a recent report by BTC Global, a renowned economic researcher, which measured that Canada tops the list of the maximum number of bitcoin software downloads, as per the sources from a Bitcoin client from Sourceforge.

Colin Osterman, the blogger, writes that although people are simply updating their software, but the good thing to know is that many of them are downloading it for the first time. The information can be trusted for the reliability over Sourceforge, as it breaks such data day by day, by countries and operating systems.

And the reports revealed Canada actually did the maximum number of downloads per capita, followed by Australia, the UK, surprisingly the United States and Germany. Osterman also suggested that the countries at below this list should not be avoided also, the numbers are yet high. “Some of the most exciting growth is happening in regions where saturation is currently low”, he quotes, mentioning Brazil, Taiwan and South Korea holding a good position in the list.

It might turn out to be good news for Bitcoins, as the speculation has already been set about Canada financial authorities giving it a green signal. Now looking at the data from Sourceforge, it is nothing but proof that Canada loves Bitcoins. US, are you loving it?

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