The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group hosting four Bitcoin education events in November


The Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group hosting four Bitcoin education events in November

The month of November is going to be A busy schedule for all those who wish to attend the Bitcoin course to be organized by the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group. According to their announcement, they are hosting four Bitcoin education events this month which will feature presentations from prominent Bitcoin personalities.

Some renowned Bitcoin personalities that are in the list are Nic Cary, Jon Lee, and Vlad Zamfir who are going to going to give students a crash course in cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Today i.e. on November 11, Blockchain CEO Nic Cary will speak at the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

The organizers inform that his presentation is titled “The Bitcoin Revolution – Wallets and Opportunities at the Dawn of a New Industry,” this according to them will give a broad overview of the Bitcoin industry. The whole focus of the paper is to advise budding entrepreneurs about developing opportunities in the Bitcoin space.

Informing the interested parties, the organizers say that following Cary’s talk, Ethereum coder Vlad Zamfir will give the month’s most technical cryptocurrency discussion on November 13. According to them, his talk will be hosted at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, will emphasize mathematics, proof of stake, and crypto-economics.

His talk will also cover the World’s Largest & Leading Independent Bitcoin News Source. Thereafter, there is a gap of around a week as the next event will be held on November 18 wherein CEO Jon Lee will discuss Bitcoin trading and entrepreneurship at the Cambridge University Engineering Department.

Attractive Opportunity to Socialize with Learned Bitcoin Experts

According to the organizers of the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup, his discussion will focus on Wall Street’s foray into Bitcoin trading and what affects the Bitcoin price. Lastly, the student-run Oxbridge Blocktech Network (OBN) will host a networking event at the Cambridge City Hotel on November 24. This according to them is expected to attract a lot of Bitcoin fans.

Nonetheless, the event is expected to provide an excellent opportunity for Bitcoin stakeholders to socialize with fellow Bitcoiners and listen to presentations from sponsors such as Ethereum and CoinScrum. Moreover, as student attendees will receive £10 in Bitcoin for free, the organizers claim that they expect a large number of interested students.

The organizers, the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup informs that as some of these events require pre-registration, attendees should make sure to sign up on the Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup group page.

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