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[00:10] – Hello everyone, the following is the video review CallandPut binary option trading platform. In this review, I will touch on the binary option system that are offered by CallandPut which include their high and low options, their one touch and no touch options as well as their 60 seconds options. I will additionally discuss their deposits, their withdrawals, their different pairs that are offered by CallandPut as well as their customer services.
CallandPut is one of the most sophisticated binary option services available. It works well for both novice traders as well as sophisticated binary options trades; and does offer social trading which is something I will touch on later which is much different than the number of the other binary option brokers.
CallandPut offers call and put, or what they call high and low options, which are their standard binary options offerings payout from 70 to 85 percent, when a trader looks to either purchase a call or purchase a put when they believe the mark will be higher than the current levels. In ‘x’ period of time, they list exactly how long those binary options will expire in and when you would like to place your trade you could simply click on call as well as the amount you are looking to wager on that particular trade; and hit trade. It’s as simple as that.
[01:45] – The offer a platform of different currencies, stocks, commodities as well as many of the different indices on equities for both for their call and put options. They offer short term binary options which they really relegate to 60 second options. Their payout is on the 60 second options generally range very close to 70 percent. These are the types of options that are above or below options but they expire in a very short time frame, within 60 seconds.
[02:22] – CallandPut offers a number of very sophisticated options as well. There are Above or Below options or options that have a much larger pair if the price of the security is above a level of that above the current market, or that price of the security your are looking to trade is below the current market. As you can see when I highlighted the different areas of this Euro Yen Binary Option, it shows you that it appease a 318 % payout if the Euro Yen within the next 7 minutes and 20 second is above a particular level or below a particular level. For very large payout, obviously their reward is scheduled so that payout will come to a less number of times than it would for standard call and put option.
They offer a Range Up so that is paired if the security is within particular range shown by that highlighted area, or if the market is in the shaded region below that particular area and that pair is still very robust. They have also options called touch upwards, touch downward, one touch options. Those options, they give you that particular pair of 154 percent if the market touches a particular level by the time frame. It doesn’t need to expire above or below particular level, it just needs to touch that level within a time frame of the time of the option expiration.
[04:02] – And the last one that is also sophisticated is No Touch Up and No Touch Down option, meaning you are betting that the market will not touch a particular level and as you could see the payout is lot smaller that you would experience in you standard binary options and even more sophisticated binary options.
[04:22] – Something that CallandPut offers that I have not seen in many of the other binary options brokers is social trading, As you can see here, you can sign up quickly for social trading and see what other traders are doing. You can see if they gained or lost on a particular trade and follow these particular traders. They even have a particular area which allows you to trade exactly as other trader and it shows you how well those traders have done over the course of any particular time frame you are looking for.
[04:58] – CallandPut has a full trading academy; they have economic calendars and in their economic calendar it shows you the difference schedules of the releases and what they believe will be either a low impact, medium impact or a high impact type of event. For those who is trading around fundamental events, this calendar is an excellent tool to use.
For the deposits they offer a number of different ways you can deposit money in their accounts, or the accounts they open with them. Their main source is credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express); they offer wire transfers as well as alternate methods like Skrill, UCash, etc. They have a minimum deposit of $250 as well as maximum deposit if $5000.
For withdrawals, they have passed some of the other binary option brokers. They ask you to email them a request for withdrawals, and they say that it will take between 3 and 10 business days to return the money back to the way you deposited your money into your account. If you use Visa, Mastercard that how they will going to put it back; and if you had a bank wire transfer that is how you will get it back.
[06:25] – They are big on telling you about their safety and funds, that how secure they are. Overall, this is a highly recommended binary option broker with the sophistication of their platform along with their social trading networks that makes them want definitely consider when you want to trade in binary options. Good luck on your binary options trading.