California Medical Marijuana Patients to Buy Drug at the Farmers Market


California Medical Marijuana Patients to Buy Drug at the Farmers MarketUsers of medical marijuana in Los Angeles will now access the drug from individual growers at the California Heritage Market starting the weekend of 4th July. Only those with medical-marijuana card or registration documents will be allowed to buy the drug from vendors in the various booths.

“It’s going to be so much easier for patients to get their medicine at a more affordable rate, and something that they can trust,” Paizley Bradbury, the market’s executive administrator, spoke to Time. “They can say ‘How did you grow this? Is it organic? What kind of nutrients did you use? What kind of strain is this?’ There’s just so much more behind it.”

Bradbury said that the direct linkage between farmers and patients will edge out middlemen and dispensaries, which charge exorbitant prices to access the drug. The California Heritage Market is expected to run smoothly every weekend, barring any legal hurdles. Bradley revealed that she is liaising with an internal lawyer to prevent such problems.


In a separate report, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has said that he will sign the law that will legalize the use of cannabidiol oil for medical purposes, such as treating seizures in patients. Cannabidiol oil is a marijuana extract. Should Gov. McCrory sign the bill, some sections of it will become effective immediately, with others by October 1, 2014. The bill, also known as Hope 4 Haley and Friends bill, was unanimously approved by the state Senate on Thursday.

North Carolina will join a few other states across the United States that have passed the conservative law such as Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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