California Based University Now Accepting Bitcoins as Tuition Fees

Bitcoin London Conference to Be Held on Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Bitcoin London Conference to Be Held on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The continuance of Bitcoin’s acceptability is further proved by the California based Draper University, which recently made the virtual currency a valid mode of payment for their tuition fees. The institution has already processed the first payment using the currency.

Draper University is also among the only universities which have always been unconventional from the traditional payment methods when speaking of currencies. Although, they accept currencies but are also fine with accepting other nontraditional modes such as barter, equities, advertising trade-outs and even profit sharing. With bitcoins, Draperites are using Coinbase as a link to accept the digital currency in one place, instead of using multiple single use addresses.

The use of bitcoins in the education sector can turn out to be a major boon for the currency as it will gain a positive perception from the regular people. And if somehow, more universities begin to accept the currency in future, there are chances it will see quite a growth.

Bitcoin has already found its place among various sectors including information technology, arts, consumables, media, entertainment, medical, and others. The currency was even used to pay for a fertility treatment a few days back.

Although, it has also faced a lot resistance from many government authorities for its few features they don’t agree upon, the currency is still flourishing with every moment and people are beginning to recognize its superiority over other digital currencies.

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