Buying Bitcoin in Indonesia Made Easy as Customers can Buy them at 10,000 Indomaret Stores


Buying Bitcoin in Indonesia Made Easy as Customers can Buy them at 10,000 Indomaret Stores

Indonesia has huge potential for Bitcoin and as the number of Bitcoin users is expanding in the country, some companies are looking to explore the market well; one of them is This company is Indonesia’s rising Bitcoin website, has now entered into a partnership with Indomaret to help Indonesia’s over 238 million residents to fund their accounts.

The company says that with the new partnership with Indomaret, Indonesians will now have access to Bitcoin at more than 10,000 Indomaret convenience stores across the country. According to a representative from the firm customers in Indonesia can now get a chance to top up Indonesian Rupiah on their account and then trade for Bitcoin as well.

Headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Indomaret came to existence in 1988 when the first official Indomaret store opened its doors for customers and since then it has not looked back. Currently, it has more than 10,000 stores in Indonesia and caters the requirements from its customers giving them competitive services.

The latest decision to help customers to get Bitcoin balance in their account is going to further help the customers and the company as well. has previously received international press coverage late in 2013 after an Indonesian publication, the JakartaGlobe, ran a story titled, Bitcoin Finds Itty-Bitty Market in Indonesia.

Indonesia Has Huge Prospects for Bitcoin

In his statement to media’s co-founder Oscar Darmawan said that he is very hopeful for Indonesian Bitcoiners as the number of investors and merchants who accept Bitcoin in the country is expanding like never before. Though the country still does not many companies that accept Bitcoin, there is no doubt about the fact that it is making inroads.

Another reason behind the slow growth of Bitcoin in the country is that taking the cognizance of the situation Indonesia’s central bank, Bank Indonesia, issued a statement about Bitcoin through their Department of Communication’s Executive Director: Difi Ahmad Johansyah. It warned the users about the digital currencies; this gave negative impact on users.

If Bitcoin becomes popular, it can help travelers from world around as well as tourism sector in the country is growing fast and currently nets Indonesia almost 10 billion USD annually. However, if there are many outlets wherein these travelers can use their Bitcoin, the quantum of the transactions may go up manifold.

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