Butter-Bot Introduces Automated Bot Trading to Litecoin Market


Butter-Bot Introduces Automated Bot Trading to Litecoin Market

The North America’s leading Bitcoin trading robot has now added support for the digital alt-currency Litecoin.

ForexMinute.com – Since its launch in early 2013, Butter-Bot has garnered a regular customer-base, owing to its impeccable Bitcoin trading robot. The company, now in 2014, has further introduced a similar support for Litecoin market with its new automated bot trading features for the currency. It hopes to cash on the Litecoin’s escalating popularity in the new-age digital currency market.

Whilst, Butter-Bot is also working on developing an altogether new hosted version and alternative strategy modules for Litecoin trading. The company was previously using an EMA-based algorithm for Bitcoin trading on popular exchanges BTC-e and BitStamp. They have, meanwhile, ruled out the Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox from its services since its collapse last week.



According to a recent post released by Butter-Bot, the new hosted system is aimed at eliminating the installation process, which was an integral part of its automated bot trading. “Users can set their API credentials and Butter-Bot goes to work trading automatically. Advanced users can customize Butter-Bot’s trading strategy to suit their own personal goals and needs,” says one of its excerpts.

The soon-to-be updated Butter-Bot host system will be as secure as its forerunner, offering the same or more prominently secured API, fast data retrieving facilities, a back-test engine, and none the least, the reliable and efficient customer support from the Butter-Bot’s appointed professional team. The update will also bring users with an option to customize their trading strategies, with respect to their respective goals.
The company has also announced to provide automated Litecoin trading feature for free to its existing users.

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