BTXCapital to Offer Real-Time Bitcoin Exchange Services in Iran, First in the Country


Iran has got its first real-time Bitcoin exchange as BTXCapital has decided to offer an additional avenue for Bitcoin purchases for users. Regarding the decision a source from BTXCapital said that the Iranian market only offered inconvenient ways of buying Bitcoins in the past. This is expected to bring new enthusiasm to the small Bitcoin community in the country.

The company believes that with roughly 50 million Internet users, Iran has a huge and yet untapped market potential for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. BTXCapital uses draglet’s white label Bitcoin exchange platform so that it can provide instant deposits, real-time buy and sell orders as well as a completely customized user interface in Farsi to customers.

Draglet is an Advanced Application

The company believes that as it uses draglet, an application service provider for digital currency exchange platforms based out of Munich, Germany, it is able to provide swift services. In a press release the firm claims the app’s USPs include a strong focus on security, user experience, and a modular product for easy customization and multiple options for liquidity provision.

Moreover, as draglet currently operates Bitcoin exchanges for 14 different countries and enables instant cryptocurrency conversion worldwide, the company is able to provide the much needed exchange services. Nonetheless, using either limited or ‘execute best’ orders, Iranians can dive into the cryptocurrency world in a fast and secure environment.

BTXCapital also claims that using draglet’s white label services, it is able to enter the market quickly providing reliable services to those who are looking for immediate access to buy or sell Bitcoins. Ali Hosseini, CEO of BTXCapital admitted that the company’s goal is to help frustrated users who are demanding an instant and trustworthy service.

Fair Exchange Services for Users in Iran

At the same time he admitted that the company is offering fair exchange rates according to international standards. Nonetheless, he even claims that one feature of Bitcoin is the fact that the value of Bitcoins is determined by supply and demand in the market and not by the influence of one or a few exchanges, the same maxim applies to his exchange.

He was quoted saying that in the platform that his company brings users can sell and buy Bitcoins based on their own price assessments and in doing so the company is providing a safe and stable environment. Not just he encourages the users but also admits that his firm trusts that this will lead to the transparency of cryptocurrency prices in Iran.

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