BTC Tipping Services ChangeTip Supports Social Music Site SoundCloud


BTC Tipping Services ChangeTip Supports Social Music Site SoundCloud

In an announcement, the popular social Bitcoin tipping service ChangeTip says that it has began supporting social music site SoundCloud from this week. According to the firm this is an ambitious project that will help further its reach. Elaborating further Head of Tipping Kyle Kemper said that SoundCloud has been the most requested service for tipping integration.

He further added that SoundCloud is now the twelfth platform ChangeTip supports, and tipping a favorite artist is just as simple as tipping on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, or the nine other supported platforms. Thus, according to him with the addition of SoundCloud in the list, the company is all set to zoom into to the segment and provide competitive tipping services.

Nonetheless, the tipping is being made easy for the users; for instance, to begin tipping on SoundCloud, they can either log into ChangeTip with a SoundCloud account, or connect on a pre-existing ChangeTip account in account settings. Once the initial configuration is done they can start a comment on a track with “@Changetip,” followed by an amount.

According to the service provider in the last year ChangeTip also integrated tipping support on comment hosting service Disqus and game streaming platform It has firm belief in Bitcoin; helps several organizations by redirecting tipping. It allows users easily redirect tips to a variety of causes, including the BitGive Foundation, Red Cross, ChangeCup, and Sean’s Outpost.

The recent effort from ChangeTip to provide their platform to aid Nepal with their Red Cross earthquake recovery has been lauded by a lot of people. According to the firm by the end of April, over 20.92 Bitcoins had been donated to Red Cross through ChangeTip and 4.01 Bitcoins were redirected tips.

Bitcoin is Fundamentally Strong Financial Solution

ChangeTip understands the weaknesses in the existing financial system as according to it these are clearer than ever. However, it believes that out of this pure weakness Bitcoin: a Peer-to-Peer electronic cash system is one fundamentally strong solution. The company says Bitcoin presents a different view of how money could work.

According to ChangeTip Bitcoin is inclusive, participative, transparent, inexpensive, and, most importantly, not controlled by any one government, institution, company or even person. Thus, the premise of Bitcoin is total financial inclusivity, using the Internet. The company says:

The vision we share with our community is one where outdated, expensive and archaic technologies are transformed using digital currencies. We focus on micropayments. Bitcoin is the start.

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