Launches Bitcoin-Only Margin Trading Platform

362 Launches Bitcoin-Only Margin Trading Platform Launches Bitcoin-Only Margin Trading Platform Launches Bitcoin-Only Margin Trading Platform, led by Joseph Lee has developed a margin trading platform for Bitcoin traders. It is completely void of all currencies other than Bitcoin and enables traders to place bids in Bitcoin and receive payouts in Bitcoin. Even to open a trading position, traders need to pay in Bitcoin. As it focuses on margin trading, investors may use additional investments for higher leverage.

Thus, using additional investments to get higher leverage and increased payouts, traders can generate more profit doing Bitcoin trading. A company representative says that additional investments to enhance leverage may help make profits for traders; however, it may also amount to higher risks if the market goes awry.

Clients Do Not Lose More than Their Deposit for the Trade Position

Joseph Lee says that if the market moves against the traders in a very strong way, then he acts as the counter-party to manage that risk. Similarly, if he loses more than what his clients put down as a deposit, then it will come out of his pocket and in such a situation he does not charge the clients more than their deposit for that position.

Traders have the liberty to open a position of whatever size; however, it depends on their deposit and the bet size. Lee says that allows investors to place bets on the performance of Bitcoin in the market. Here they can choose either of a long or short position. The company provides free of cost leverage to traders for the first 24 hours of trading; however, it charges 0.1% each day thereafter for gearing.


A source from claims that its platform allows traders to go Long or Short. It also brings Bitcoin hedging for traders so that they can prevent losses from falling Bitcoin prices. Requiring the minimum from traders e.g. the management of a single Bitcoin balance, it allows traders to get a platform built to provide an intuitive trading experience.

With features such as position management, automatic liquidation and stops as well as no complex margin maintenance requirements, is providing reliable Bitcoin trading services. Developed by a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast and trader, it is a new-age, self-funded trading platform that reaches profitability in only 1.5 months.

The organization aims to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem through injecting more liquidity into the global Bitcoin space. Its Bitcoin trading platform is unique as here trading is done using Bitcoin and no fiat currency like USD or others.

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