Forex Broker – XCFD

XCFD Review

xCFD was established in August 2013, and is one of the most trusted CFD brokers that offer traders the opportunity to profit from the financial markets. Traders can trust this broker as it is a full member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental body whose purpose is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. This CFD broker follows the guidelines set by the New Zealand FSP.

Company Information

xCFD Limited
Founded in:
New Zealand
The Owner:
xCFD Limited
New Zealand FSP
Minimum Deposit:
100 USD
Languages Available:
English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic

Trading Platform

xCFD has brought in better and faster as well as a smarter, brand new trading platform for traders wherein they get extra low spreads. Traders also receive a large number of trading assets to trade in that includes FX, Stocks, Indices, commodities, etc. However, the best part about its trading assets is that it now offers Bitcoin which is making great inroads these days. Additionally, this broker also brings zero commissions and there are no hidden fees.

Here traders can open a trading account paying just 100 USD and have a tremendous experience with brand new trading platform. This FX & CFD broker with ultra-low spreads and zero commissions has carved a niche for its services among traders. It is one of the few brokers that offers ultra low spreads that are considered the best in the industry. Traders opening a trading account with xCFD also receive an initial bonus of $30.

Main Features

This CFD broker offers several rich features for investors. Some of the main features that you would like to know about include the Ultra low spreads, FX, Stocks, Indices, Zero commissions, no hidden fees, Accounts from 100 USD, Brand new trading platform, and demo account, etc. Traders get to trade Forex, indices, commodities, bonds, stocks, options and Bitcoins. When they are trading foreign exchange, they get physical currency exchange, ultra low spread, instant execution and 24 hrs liquidity.

When traders trade Forex, they are eligible for spreads from zero pips, extra fast execution, 24 hrs liquidity, and 1:100 leverage. The CFD broker also brings indices for traders wherein they get access to the market, low margins and zero commissions and instant execution. Similarly, traders trading commodities, receive real-time pricing, exclusive liquidity, ultra-wide range, etc. Traders are also given access to trade bonds wherein they can enjoy trading government and corporate bonds.

There are no hidden charges from traders when they are trading bonds at xCFD. Here to traders receive instant execution. Apart from indices, bonds, etc. traders also receive stocks as trading option at xCFD wherein they get zero fees, extra fast execution, and exclusive liquidity. Nonetheless, traders looking for competitive trading must opt xCFD which brings exclusive options wherein they receive real-time pricing, exclusive liquidity, ultra-low margins, etc.

Customer Support

This CFD broker offers great customer support services to traders. For any complaints, it can be reached through mail, support or live chat. The CFD broker has an excellent email support team which addresses the grievances from customers or traders with an umpteen professional approach.

User Friendly

The brand new trading platform from xCFD is very easy to use. Also, it comes with some features that help traders have access to the latest information. Nevertheless, all those traders that want to get straight into trading, then xCFD might be just the right broker for them. The brokerage firm provides easy trading accounts to open wherein traders are asked to fill their information and they are provided with a user identification code, password or any other piece of information as part of the security procedures.

Ultimate Overview

xCFD is trying to woo new traders and for that it has brought in several new offers; for instance, it promises to give MacBook Air 13″ for the 5 biggest deposits, iPad Mini for every 100th deposit made, and 50% to the first 1 000 depositors. If you are up for serious financial trading, take a look at what xCFD has to offer you.