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CaesarTrade Review

CaesarTrade FX-CFD was formed by Eric Harbor and Cliff Wachtel who formerly was a part of the growth of one of the world’s top leading brokers. Their goal is to directly inform traders, daily, on relevant market data and provide unique offers and bonuses that help provide an advantage to each trader. We keep everything simple by offering every trader the chance to profit in forex, commodities, indexes, and stocks with powerful trading platforms and by being in constant contact with clients through email, webinars, and phone. We are confident by reviewing our main features below you will know that we are looking for a long-term relationship with you.

Company Information

CaesarTrade FX-CFD
Founded in:
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
The Owner:
Eric Harbor
SIBA, Seychelles International Business Authority
+1 937 581 4244
Minimum Lot Size:
Maximum Leverage:
Minimum Deposit:
$25 – And you will always receive $75 bonus with this
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum Per Trade:
Languages Available:
English, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, Indonesian, Bengali, Vietnamese

Trading Platform

CaesarTrade FX-CFD offers a fast and effective way to trade on your PC and Apple with MT4 and our Sirix platforms. For MT4, you can even use your Apple since we provide VPS support with almost no restriction. MT4 is the leading platform for traders and offers everything that you need to make intelligent and fast decisions in this 24 hour marketplace.

Our Sirix WebTrader is now HTML5 based and very fast. The Webtrader offers Social Trading, Trader Sentiment in the CaesarTrade community, Charting, Instant Execution, and Calculation of Pips per Point on all of our products.

On the go, we offer our Mobile platform that not only hosts the standard features that every trader needs, it also has a Social Trading feed built in so you can monitor how others react to the same market you are trading. Another great feature is seeing the Highs and Lows for the day in the Price Quote monitor.

We also offer a built-in, as mentioned above, our Social Trading Network that is connected with over 200 forex brokers and gives traders a wide selection of forex traders to observe and mirror.

We treat every client as he is our only client and divide our time between our Famous 400% Bonus traders who receive limited contact with our Staff to our Other Clients who take us up on our wide variety of trade conditions and features to setup a trading account that is suitable for them.

Main Features

We have broken down our Three key features for Traders: 1) Every Forex, Commodity, Index, and Stock worth trading at a price you can afford 2) Popular Platforms, Signals, and Money Managers (including Social Trading) to Help you profit in the market 3) Direct support through Daily emails by our CEO that cover Interesting and mostly unconventional Ideas, Trading Tips, and Bonuses and Offers (want a 0 zero spread? 400% bonus? Or a money manager that turned $200 into $20,000)

Customer Support

We don’t employ a call center. Most of what we offer in terms of Call Center can be found on our always growing Live Chat feature that answers questions to every relevant item that we have been asked. It has been personally been written by our ceo, Eric Harbor. As to Customer Support, we try to be of service and respond promptly on any issue that you may have. All Trading Information and Bonuses/Offers are sent directly by email to Traders or posted on the website by Eric while Account Management services are handled by our Salesman. If he doesn’t answer you in an appropriate manner we’ll issue you a $25 credit.

User Friendly

From our website, to our products, to our staff – We try to keep it simple. The Forex industry and trading can be overwhelming so we keep our trader focused by taking the time to study what can assist the trader in focusing on the ultimate goal – profits.

Ultimate Overview

Overall, we were happy with this broker because it is transparent and direct. It takes a leadership position everyday by airing its thoughts on markets and how to better assist a forex and cfd trader and you know who to reach if you have a question. And those deals they refer too are pretty amazing.