Forex Broker – Kawase Review

Kawase Review

Kawase in Japanese means currency exchange, indeed a suitable name for a leading online forex trading platform. In addition to forex, the platform also offers a range of asset classes like shares, indices, oil and precious metals for trading. According to their website, it is not just the name they take inspiration from the Japanese but also values. Kawase also ingrains the valuable concepts of trust, power, fairness, determination, flexibility and simplicity into its operations.

Kawase is a veteran in the forex industry. Started 5 years ago in 2011, Kawase is headquartered in Cyprus and operates under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) license. The platform. The company has a good standing in European Union along with strong banking relations and more.

Kawase’s company profile is worth the envy of its competitors. The company stands by its proclaimed organizational culture and ethics by ensuring transparency.

Company Information

Founded in:
Limassol, Cyprus
The Owner:
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Minimum Lot Size:
Maximum Leverage:
Minimum Deposit:
100 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF or equivalent (recommended)
Minimum Trade Amount:
Maximum Per Trade:
Languages Available:
English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hungarian and Arabic

The company’s regulatory information is available in the following table –

Cyprus Regulators License:
CySEC No. 138/11
FCA No. 579491 (UK)
EuropeanEconomicArea Registration :
BaFin No. 127439 (GER)
Banque De France No. 74095 (FRA) and more.
Internal Audit:
Nexia International
External Audit:
SC Audit Ltd.
Technology Audit:
Kyriakos C Saveriades & Co LLC
Banking and Counterparty:
Barclays, Hellenic Bank and Societe Generale
Liquidity Providers:
Deutsche Bank, RBS, UBS, Morgan Stanley and more

All relevant information about Kawase is available on the website and can be verified by both existing and potential traders joining the platform

Trading Platform:

Kawase trading platform is a treasure trove of opportunities. The wide range of offerings provided by Kawase includes over 900 shares, more than 80 forex symbols, 14 different indices along with oil and precious metals as separate categories.

cTrader is the one stop dashboard from which users can trade any available asset on Kaware platform. Traders can interchangeably interact with demo and live accounts on cTrader and still play with real-market conditions. Kawase has one of the best commission models in the industry and offers flexible trading conditions.

Traders of Kawase are offered the best prices, directly sourced and filtered from the platform’s banking partners. Trading options include CFD and currency, where indices and stocks are traded as CFDs while the rest can be traded as both. In addition, the easy deposit and withdrawal feature supporting multiple payment methods makes it much desirable.

Main Features:

Kawase has a well-oiled model in place where the company’s filtering software identifies and presents the best prices to traders on the platform. Kawase’s direct working relationship with major banks allows it to receive prices in real time from 12 partner banks. These prices are analyzed by the platform’s proprietary aggregation technology presenting the lowest price on the trade engine. Any orders placed by the traders will then be directly channeled to the market. By doing so Kawase, even though in an intermediary position manages to connect traders directly to the market.

Users who deposit $20.000 or above will receive additional benefits.

The real-time Direct Market Access (DMA) and Straight Through Processing (STP) access on Kawase does not involve any hidden fees or dealing desk practice. The pricing structure for different kinds of trading is clearly mentioned on the platform and the company sticks to it. Kawase promises no more than 9 millisecond lag between the trades happening in real market and on the platform. In addition, all the prices presented on Kawase’s trade engine can be cross verified independently with the pricing offered by partner banks

One doesn’t have to be a seasoned investor to trade on Kawase. The extensive educational and training resources available on the platform makes it easier even for a novice to understand trading practices and different types of trades. New users can then implement and test their learnings on a demo platform before they start trading with real money.

Once they decide to execute actual trades, they can deposit money into their Kawase account using multiple payment methods without incurring any deposit/transaction fee.

Customer Support:

Kawase is self explanatory and most of the things are easy to use by default. However, customer support is available round the clock and an email away.  Alternatively, one can also contact us on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Wechat, Hangouts and Live Chat.

User Friendly:

Creating an account on Kawase is as easy as signing up on any other online platform. users can choose to either manually create an account or just sign in with either Google or Facebook accounts. Upon logging in, the users are welcomed by a neatly designed dashboard/trading room. New users are required to fill in their information in accordance to the applicable AML and KYC regulations.
The dashboard displays market trends on the home page along with sets of analytical tools that can be readily used to analyze and make trading decisions. The dashboard is where all the action happens, it is called the cTrader.
Traders can deposit and withdraw money using a wide range of payment methods. The payment methods supported by Kawase include credit, debit cards, wire transfer, third party digital wallets and more. Few clicks is all it takes to manage funds and trade on the platform. The margins, spreads and trade commissions can be found in detail on this page.

Kawase is available as a completely web platform and all operations can be carried out over a browser without having to download anything to the computer. For those who would like to trade on-the-go can always use Kawase Android application or iOS application available on Google Play and Apple App Store respectively.

Ultimate Overview:

Kawase is one of the kind trading platform that works hard to gain its traders’ trust. The best practices and transparency incorporated by Kawase in its operations makes it an ideal trading platform for both novice and seasoned investors.
Kawase has also received recognition and awards for its excellence in the sector and is truly worth the money.


Disclaimer: All trading activities carries a considerable amount  of risk to investments and it is advisable not to invest more than what one can’t afford to lose.