Brock Pierce Quits Mastercoin Foundation Board


Brock Pierce Quits Mastercoin Foundation Board – Brock Pierce, the current Bitcoin Foundation board member and the founder of the altcoins Realcoin, recently stepped down from its prestigious position of one of the Mastercoin’s board members. Incidentally, Brock was also among the first investors in supporting the Mastercoin network development, including Bitcoin 2.0 protocol.

The reason for Brock’s resignation was although less controversial than its public image. He simply explained how his commitment to other boards is affecting his duties inside the Masternode Foundation Board. He further cleared the speculation of leaving MSC community entirely, saying that he will continue to hold his stakes in the coin and still has solid beliefs in the cryptocurrency’s team and projects. His parting letter reads:

“My partner Jonathan Yantis is already on the board of the Mastercoin Foundation so I know my interests will continue to be represented by him and the rest of the board. I look forward to continuing to work with each of you to make Mastercoin more successful.”


Although, it has been supposedly clear that Brock will spend a large time concentrating on his work at the Bitcoin Foundation, and also on expanding his own child Realcoin to every corner of the cryptocurrency market.

Meanwhile, the new faces that have joined the Mastercoin Foundation Board in order to fill the space left by Brock Pierce are Craig Sellar as the board’s CTO, Dominik Zynic as their Director of Business Development, and none the least, MaidSafe’s COO Nick Lamver as the key observer of Mastercoin’s development projects.

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