Boost VC Planning to Invest in 15 Bitcoin Companies


Boost VC Planning to Invest in 15 Bitcoin Companies – Boost VC recently closed an oversold round of funding in which it garnered around $6.6 million. The venture capitalist firm further announced to direct these funds to its fourth tribe, which include a total of 25 companies. Among them, 15 companies belong to the Bitcoin industry.

The worthy companies that have been selected in the fourth tribe include debit card providers, video news platforms, smart derivative contractors, software developers, and others. For an accelerator company that holds a 95% success rate in creating successful businesses, Boost VC truly comes handy for upcoming cryptocurrency technologies like Bitcoin.

“Since the inception of Boost in February 2011, we have worked on picking good people, and it’s working,” said Boost Founder, Adam Draper. “Our focus over the past three years has been to find the most innovative people starting world changing companies. We are interested in everything from Enterprise to Rockets, 3D printing to Bitcoin… and anything that gets us closer to building an Iron Man suit.”

As specified in their press release, Boost VC is planning to invest in at least 200 companies over the period of three years. In the meantime, their will focus hugely on Bitcoin-related ventures. Alongside capital, these ventures will receive a platform to showcase their services to noteworthy speakers, potential investors and influential mentors. Such exposure is likely to boost Bitcoin awareness among other venture capitalists and none the least, the consumers.

If you have a great Bitcoin-centered idea, try selling it to them. 

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