Blythe Masters of JP Morgan is now the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a Bitcoin Company


Blythe Masters of JP Morgan is now the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a Bitcoin Company

The 45 year old Blythe Masters is going to celebrate her next birthday on 22nd March with a Bitcoin company as she is now going to head the Bitcoin company, Digital Asset Holdings. This new chief executive of a Bitcoin-related startup was born in Oxford and raised in the south-east of England.

She attended The King’s School in Canterbury on scholarship and later on graduated in 1991 from Trinity College, Cambridge with a B.A. in economics. With rich experience as the global head of commodities at JP Morgan, she is going to be a great asset for the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, which “aims to be a venue for buyers and sellers of financial assets.

The company says that she will help it emerge as a perfect platform for sellers and buyers of financial assets meet and transact, switch currencies into Bitcoin in order to cut the cost and time of settlement and make use of the decentralized ‘block chain’ as a secure record of transactions.

Interestingly, Digital Asset Holding or DAH was founded by Sunil Hirani of Indian origin and Don Wilson last year. With offices in New York, Chicago, and Tel Aviv the company is trying to have global presence. The idea is that DAH will admit creditworthy members – such as big banks and asset managers – to trade between themselves using DAH’s technology.

Talking to media professionals Masters said that she won’t need regulatory approval because it’s not an exchange, a custodian, or a money transmitter. Interestingly, her family has been involved in Bitcoin as her ex-husband, Daniel Masters who worked at JP Morgan commodities, started a Bitcoin fund last year.

Masters has Global Exposure Working for J.P. Morgan

As Masters was the Chair of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association from 2008–2010 and also of the Global Financial Markets Association from 2012–2014, trade associations whose missions include promoting public trust and confidence in financial markets, she will be a great asset for the DAH.

Interestingly, she was responsible for credit derivative products at J.P. Morgan wherein she became a managing director at 28, the youngest person to achieve that status in the firm’s history. Also, she is widely credited with creating the modern credit default swap, a derivative used to manage credit exposure to underlying reference entities.

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