Blue Trading platform – Enhancing the Cryptocurrency Exchange Experience


Cryptocurrency trading can be confusing and complicated for beginners. With so many factors, options and risks involved, many investors give up even before starting. Luckily, cryptocurrency exchanges are getting better with time, with a higher level of security than ever before. Blue Trading, is one such example that has gained immense popularity being a secured, decentralized cryptocurrency platform that gracefully enhances fiat and cryptocurrencies trading experience altogether.

About Blue Trading

Blue Trading was founded by Richard Anderson in 2012. It is a full-service managed account trading company, where certified and award-winning traders make the team. Blue Trading provides a trading platform for both individuals and institutional investors through its full-service retail accounts started in 2016. In view of the rising need for funds with a comprehensive and contemporary approach to FX/Currency, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, and Commodity Trading, Blue Trading has come up with the concept of full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange that deals with fiat as well as cryptocurrencies trading in a trustless, decentralized environment.

The Features

In cryptocurrency market, cost, security, trust and ease of use, are few of the critical features of a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform and Blue Trading is built with all these considerations. However, the most significant differentiators of Blue Trading include currency options, fees, and payment options.

The platform follows a simplified approach to meet the trading needs of the investors via Managed Account Platform, enabling users to track their accounts position by logging 24/7, either from their mobile, tablet or desktop. Investors have the ability to watch their account whenever they want, without the need of making any trade transaction decision on their behalf.

Market Research & Development

Blue Trading is leveraged upon perpetual market research and development for efficiently maintaining platform’s state of relevance with respect to fluctuating FX, Commodity and Cryptocurrency markets. The team behind Blue Trading, possessing 40 years of overall experience, executes high probability trades, makes a constant evaluation of traded instrument algorithms as well as new cryptocurrency instruments for bringing more attractive FX pairs.

The Trading Fees at Blue Trading

Blue Trading doesn’t charge any management fee from the investors; rather, investors are charged 18% of their annual net profit on their accounts, as a performance fee. For instance, if a client’s account made a yearly profit worth of €10,000.00, the fee he or she has to pay will be €1800.00, leaving him or her with €8200.00 profit.

All investors can upgrade their account to VIP status anytime, that charges 14% of the fee, instead of 18%. To know more about Blue Trading Platform’s exclusive features that streamline your cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading experience, please visit


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