Blockchain.INFO Wallets Still Leaking Bitcoin to Johoe’s Account


Blockchain.INFO Wallets Still Leaking Bitcoin to Johoe’s Account – A hacker stealing a huge number of assets from online wallets can be called an accident, but the same hacker striking the same online wallets after a week to steal a larger sum this time can surely be called “WTF”, at least from the users’ point of view.

The hacker known as “Johoe” is nothing less than a celebrity in digital space, thanks to his successful trespass into the Blockchain.INFO’s so-called secure wallets that earned him a total of 276 stolen BTC. However, the man simply announced later that his sole motive behind attacking Blockchain.INFO was to reveal the company’s thin security protocol.

“Every bitcoin transaction is signed by two values – ‘R’ and ‘S’ – which prove that the sender knows the private key,” he said. “If the same R value is used twice, the private key can be easily computed from the signatures alone.”

Johoe further promised to return each and every stolen penny back to their rightful owners once the problem was fixed.

And now after few days, Blockchan.INFO is reported to be hacked once again, that too by the same old ‘Good Samaritan’ Johoe.

According to the hacker’s transaction history, he today has received another 293.6 BTC from the previously compromised Bitcoin wallets of Blockchain.INFO. The company’s president Peter Smith however told CoinDesk certain users are still unware about the previous hack and are still operating on their compromised wallets despite the Blockchain.INFO’s warning a few days back.

We are still waiting for Johoe’s response on the matter.

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