Blockchain Buys Domain Name for Five Years

Blockchain Buys Domain Name for Five Years
Blockchain Buys Domain Name for Five Years

Blockchain Buys Domain Name for Five Years

Prime domain names come expensive but they are indispensable at times for entities and if these are added to the kitty, it can serve as an asset. Understanding the requirement for prime domain name like, the leading Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain has got the lease for five years.

Though the price has not yet been disclosed by Blockchain, it must have cost it fortune as almost all prime domain names come expensive these days. Many investors bought these domain names when they were dirt cheap and parked them to sell them later on at astronomical prices.

Now the decision on the part of the online wallet company that acquired a five-year lease to this rather fancy piece of digital real estate for an undisclosed amount, it will definitely get more traffic and revenue in return. There are three sections in the website; 1) Bitcoin, 2) News, and 3) Search. Thus, the portal is catering to three kinds of services from customers.

It is an excellent marketing strategy wherein Blockchain wants to become synonymous to Bitcoin. It wants to become like what is Google for search engines and for that the move looks like a well thought idea even if it came at an astronomical cost. According to sources Blockchain has been on an acquisition spree recently.


All Services at One Place for Better Users’ experience

Dan Held, Blockchain’s product director says that the new site will be used as an “acquisition funnel into existing Blockchain products.” At the same time it can now put all the recently bought companies in one place. For instance, now it can put the the pricing app ZeroBlock and the data analytics site RTBTC here.

Thus, presenting all the companies in one site, it is enhancing users’ experience as they don’t need to visit several sites. Of course, it will get higher visibility as the first name that comes in mind when searching Bitcoin is, Customers get the wallet business, the pricing/analytics business, and Blockchain-display page in the same site now.

Blockchain which started receiving a lot of customers for its wallet business after the hacking attempts recently on top Bitcoin exchanges that also offered wallet services, will now get even more customers than ever thanks to prime domain name and tight security. Recently, the company crossed the 1.5 million mark from the 1 million mark at the beginning of 2014.

Dan Held concluded that ever since the November 2013 run-up in the price of Bitcoin, Blockchain has experienced a higher growth rate than what it had before.

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