BlackCoin Foundation Starts Fundraising to Hire PR Agency


BlackCoin Foundation Starts Fundraising to Hire PR Agency – With the cryptocurrency clan growing exponentially, it is also turning out to be the most competitive in its own way. There are today over 210 cryptocurrencies in existence, battling with each other to get the top positions. Also in the race is BlackCoin, which has gradually climbed the ladder and is now among the top cryptocurrencies in circulation. However, the BlackCoin Foundation is trying to take every necessary step to either maintain or upgrade their position in the market.


The foundation’s ambitious project is now hinting a further boost as they are planning to hire a professional PR firm to take care of their promotional activities. By far, The BlackCoin Foundation are the only creators that have openly committed to show interest towards following such an approach for reaching potential users and investors. The foundation has accepted to have been in talks with a renowned PR firm, whose name they have avoided announcing for now. Tailing its own statement further, the foundation has launched a fundraiser with an aim to raise around $30,000 to cover the marketing expenditures.

In one of their recent posts, the foundation’s representative writes, “BlackCoin is Bitcoin 2.0. But spreading this message comes at significant cost. In order to secure a 90 day PR campaign (with options to retain services month to month after the initial 90 day period) the foundation has already raised over $15,000 USD! This has got the ball rolling, but we need help from the community! To finish paying for this venture we need the community to help raise an additional $15,000 USD.”

The BlackCoin representative has also urged the coin’s followers to post their marketing ideas on their official forums, which the foundation promises to implement if it finds them noteworthy. It will be impossible to predict if loyal investors of other digital currencies will actually shift towards BlackCoin in the near future, but luring the new investors and users for it will definitely be a piece of cake, provided with the best marketing strategy.

The BlackCoin prices has increased 10% in last 24 hours after the aforementioned announcement.

Still a long way to go after coming a long way before.

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