BlackCoin Announces New Developments in its Infrastructure


BlackCoin Announces New Developments in its Infrastructure – There is no end to this race of winning Bitcoin’s next spot in the digital currency arena. At one point, there is Darkcoin which is continually winning the investors’ trust with its impeccably designed decentralized features, and at another point there is Litecoin that is glued to the tag “silver to the Bitcoin’s gold”. Who will win these “Game of Thrones” is too soon to predict, as there are over 200 coins fighting for the same spot. But one coin is making sure that it gets enough attention during this mayhem of rising and falling cryptocurrencies. You know it as Blackcoin!

A few months older now, BlackCoin is comfortably enjoying the comforts of being among the top ten cryptocurrencies currently (by market cap). With a probable aim to outdo the other nine (with no offence to Bitcoin, the one and the merciful), BlackCoin has made few optimistic changes to its existing infrastructure. These changes were informed through a formal post on Reddit few hours ago, explaining how they will make BlackCoin far secure and accessible for users.


The post was neatly drawn into five bullet-points, each explaining how the future of BlackCoin is bright enough for its investors and traders. The uploader informed the community about a new POS 20. System, which will have the ability to “further solve potential attacks to vectors that other currencies are vulnerable to.” The other attractive promises that were quickly followed after the new POS announcement were the soon-to-be-released BlackCoin wallet (with an anon and multi signature feature), appointment of an expert VISA/MasterCard marketer as a new national sales team leader, and many others.

The uploader also announced a chat session with BlackCoin community which will be held today. “We,” he said, “will be answering questions this Sunday on our live BlackCast. If you have any questions for us please feel free to leave your questions [in the forum].”

We all will have to wait what these announcements bring to BlackCoin. At this time of writing though, the coin is up 28% in last 24 hours thanks to ‘promises’. Let us wait for the delivery to know more. Meanwhile, adios!

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