Black Arrow to Bring 14nm ASIC in December this Year for Miners


Black Arrow to Bring 14nm ASIC in December this Year for Miners

Giving tough competition to KnC’s 20nm, Black Arrow Minion chips are here for Bitcoin miners. These will be 14nm, beating KnC’s 20nm record and according to the company these are going to be made available by December this year in a world where size supposedly doesn’t matter, ASIC chips keep getting smaller and smaller.

There are several added advantages with small chip; for instance, with them the production time longer and the power consumption is lower than the one in the large size chip. The company says that it believes that if Bitcoin mining is going to continue, there will be a need for more power efficient ASICs and the new produce it aimed to address the same issue.

In a statement to the media Black Arrow said that the silicon industry is taking the company more seriously than last year, and over time it has started believing that there’s a bright future ahead for it. The company says it does not want to make any speculation into profitability of the Bitcoin mining as business is in hardware development, not in financial investment.

Talking about the advantages FinFet transistors are going to offer for the Bitcoin miners, the company says that the cost per transistor is certainly higher; however, the advantage is the lower power consumption which FinFet transistors can achieve. Also, as its competitors are currently using 20nm, 28nm, 40nm and 55nm, Black Arrow will have an edge over them.

Faster and Better for Bitcoin Miners

The company believes that it is not aware of any company that has been able to access 14nm FinFet, and its partners are confident that the competition will not have access to this particular technology before it does. Nonetheless, the current generation chip from the company called Minion is able to perform 120Ghash/sec.

Though the chip was expected to reach to 100Ghash/sec before release, it has crossed that benchmark. Made using 28nm lithography and uses 0.75J/Ghash, it is going to become an alternative for Bitcoin miners who are for speed and energy saving. This is going to be a great relief when a number of scam ASIC manufacturers have come up.

The company is also looking for ASIC manufacturing partners to assist with the costs of the project. In a press note Black Arrow said that it is looking for venture capitalists that believe in Bitcoin’s future and eventually to join forces with one or more ASICs manufacturers out there.

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