BitVest Digital Mining Corp. Partners With PeerNova for Hardware

BitVest Digital Mining Corp. Partners With PeerNova for Hardware
BitVest Digital Mining Corp. Partners With PeerNova for Hardware

BitVest Digital Mining Corp. Partners With PeerNova for Hardware

In a press release, BitVest Digital Mining Corp. says that it has selected PeerNova as its strategic hardware supplier. The decision was made after an extensive review process; thus, it looks the organization has been quite specific about the quality and features of the hardware which are crucial part of Bitcoin mining process.

The company says that it selected PeerNova’s PetaOne enterprise class Bitcoin mining systems as they offer the best combination of power, efficiency and cost for BitVest’s planned large scale deployment. At the moment, Dr. Naveed Sherwani, CEO of PeerNova said that his company is pleased to be chosen as BitVest’s supplier of Bitcoin mining systems.

He also added that considerable design and engineering work was done by PeerNova to make these systems not only the most powerful, but the most efficient as well. According to him the decision by BitVest is a strong endorsement of the fact that PetaOne systems are the best choice for Petahash level, enterprise deployments.

PeerNova Was Selected by BitVest after Intensive Review and Deliberations

To rule out the prevalent problems in Bitcoin mining hardware, BitVest Digital Mining Corp selected PeerNova after a lot of scrutiny and according to the CEO, Devin Hahn the company selected PeerNova only after an intensive review of all available Bitcoin mining hardware suppliers and found that PeerNova was the best.


He said that with the industry’s most powerful and power efficient systems consuming 0.5W/GH, the PetaOne systems were the best value for the money company paying. The decision was made after looking into the experience and stature of by the Board of Directors and leadership team at PeerNova as that mattered a lot for BitVest.

On Time Delivery of Bitcoin Mining Hardware is Fundamental

Devin Hahn said that the quality of the engineering and operations team at PeerNova gives his company great confidence in their ability to not just design, but deliver on schedule. According to the contract, the hardware purchased by BitVest Digital Mining will be housed at PeerNova’s global data centers and managed by PeerNova’s team.

According to PeerNova’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, Emmanuel Abiodun the relationship with BitVest is mutually beneficial and he is pleased to team up with it. He praised the strong management team that BitVest has. He is optimistic that the BitVest will increase investment in Bitcoin mining through a daily reinvestment program.

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