Introduces Instant Credit Card Depositing Using Bitcoin

251 Introduces Instant Credit Card Depositing Using Bitcoin Introduces Instant Credit Card Depositing Using Bitcoin Introduces Instant Credit Card Depositing Using Bitcoin

Becoming the first ever Bitcoin casino to introduce instant credit card depositing, is all set to attract new customers. In a press release said that it is pleased to announce that it has just introduced a new age of Bitcoins in the Online Casino industry which according to it is going to revolutionize the experience customers have till now.

The source from said that this introduction is set to completely change the perception of Bitcoins drastically and the casino is over the moon that it was the first Bitcoin Casino to reach this milestone. The development shows that this casino has firm belief on the digital currency and its future as well.

The Process Made Simple

In the announcement the casino says that it was time to say goodbye to all the elements that were keeping players from trying them out due to some inhibitions about Bitcoin. However, now the process which till now has been bit too long and confusing is being made simpler than ever to accommodate customers.

Now, players won’t find Bitcoin too complicated to understand; rather, they can now know about it thanks to the excellent learning process has. The release says that from today players can look at this as a whole new experience as they can now deposit using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and also PayPal.


They will also have access to the option to play in Bitcoins and make instant withdrawals in Bitcoin currency. According to Nikolica Vadaski, head of marketing at this is a giant leap for the Bitcoin industry as we have introduced the option for players to get hold of Bitcoins in a matter of seconds.

He further clarified that his organization is all set to drive the adoption of Bitcoins to offer a fantastic user experience where the players can get hold of Bitcoins instantly using their credit card or Pay Pal account. Additionally, according to him there might be a few casinos offering the use of Bitcoins out there, the difference is, it trusts the digital currency.

The casino owner believes that Bitcoins are set to take the world by storm and by closely following these trends is trying hard to become a game changer. Additionally, as all efforts would be made to provide safe and secure transaction process, it won’t be hard for players at all.

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