BitScan Launches Mobile Application; Revamps its popular iOS Application

BitScan Launches Mobile Application' Revamps its popular iOS Application
BitScan Launches Mobile Application' Revamps its popular iOS Application

BitScan Launches Mobile Application' Revamps its popular iOS Application

BitScan which carved a niche for its Bitcoin directories and currently consists of over 6,000 merchants in more than 130 countries has now launched new mobile applications, including a revamp of the company’s popular iOS application. According to the company source the app is completely redesigned and streamlined for speed.

As BitScan puts it that its aim is to provide customer-centric services, it brought in the app in response to customer demand. The company release says that the BitScan team also launched a mobile application for Android which has come months after the company began its crowd-funding of the Android version.

Now, crowd funding has reached a third of the way to its goal in just five days in early March. The company believes that the Bitcoin is the most sustainable payment method for commerce and as more companies accept it, the better will be for virtual currencies.

BitScan for Android

BitScan for Android comes with a lot of rich features and it is much like the iOS application. Here customers can access to Bitcoin news, and a location based Bit Trade Map and Bit Trade Listing platform. The Android version of BitScan was supported by the company’s ambitious product development schedule.

According to the company official BitScan invests heavily in back-end technology and re-organized the data behind a REST API (representational state transfer) and this according to him has caused huge gains in application performance and made for a simpler user interface. Now, users can update their knowledge base with the help of the application.


Accessing Bitcoin news from around the world is easy for the users with an application in their mobile phone. All news stories are displayed in a mobile friendly manner and contain valuable information into the cryptocurrency community in attractive fonts.

Bit Trade Map

Another product from BitScan, Bit Trade Map which is an interactive map that provides pinpoint locations of Bitcoin merchants throughout the world and is as easy to use as other mobile-based map applications. There are more than 6,000 merchants that accept Bitcoin and a user can find the exact location of the store or shop.

In its release the company says that it has been focused on the development of mobile platforms and websites so that efficiency, speed and scalability are ensured for the users and they get the best in industry experience.

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