BitRoad Partners With BitPay for Bitcoin Payment

BitRoad Partners With BitPay for Bitcoin Payment
BitRoad Partners With BitPay for Bitcoin Payment

BitRoad Partners With BitPay for Bitcoin Payment

Apart from PayPal and Litecoin, buyers can also pay in Bitcoin to buy electronic equipments and gadgets like Android tablets, led projectors, car accessories, CCTVs, etc. at BitRoad. Its partnership with BitPay Inc, the world leader in business solutions for virtual currencies, provides fast and easy transactions for customers.

BitRoad is one of the few companies that have been counted in BitPay’s recently announcement that it has over 10,000 approved merchants in 164 countries that use its service to accept Bitcoin payments. Customers buy camcorders, Android tablets, Android phones, GPS, mp3 / mp4 players, cameras & camcorders, led projectors, etc. at BitRoad through BitPay.

Apart from car DVD players and car videos, this online portal also sells home audio / video, IP cameras, car accessories, computer accessories, etc. in exchange of Bitcoin. BitRoad is run by a group of people who want to help to create a solid backbone for the crypto economy and the online portal is their first step towards that.

Currently BitRoad accepts only two crypto-currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin; however, aims to add other alt coins when they’re stable enough. Moreover, as BitPay’s merchant service continues to expand its feature set at a rapid pace, it will help customers at BitRoad get fast transactions. The entire transaction does not take more than a few seconds.


BitRoad is one of star clients for BitPay; in fact, BitPay admits that it is attracting, ecommerce merchants more than any other types of clients. According to the company the vast majority i.e. more than 90% of its business comes from the companies like BitRoad which sell consumer electronics, precious metals and IT services merchants.

BitRoad admits that though the website is in beta testing, it has a lot of experience dealing with issues in traditional e-commerce; therefore, there is no issues regarding logistics and customer service. The company promises for a quick and professional solution for the queries and issues emanating from any Bitcoin transactions with it.

The partnership between BitRoad and BitPay has been fulfilling so far. BitRoad has contributed immensely in the success of BitPay which recorded extraordinary growth for the month of August where it processed over 10,000 merchant transactions worth over $6.4 million.

A spokesperson for BitRoad says, “If you are looking to buy electronics for Bitcoin or Litecoin, you need fast delivery and customer service you are in the right place, pick your item from our catalog and enjoy your trip on the BitRoad.”

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