BitQuick Launches its Trading Platform for Middle-East Customers


BitQuick Launches its Trading Platform for the Middle-East Customers

After delivering their Bitcoin buying and selling platform services to customers worldwide, BitQuick is now focusing into Middle-East. To announce the latest launch, the company resorted to social media and posted on its Twitter account that it has launched a trading platform for the Middle East which will allow enthusiasts in the region to buy and sell Bitcoin.

BitQuick did not reveal too much information about the launch; however, it made clear that they have launched support for six currencies that include the USD and have made the buying and selling of the digital currency available in several countries like Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and more in the Middle-East.

There are not many Bitcoin companies that have focused into the potential market in the petro-dollar rich Middle-East and the latest step from BitQuick is going to be a megahit among the customers in the region. The company has surprised many observers of the Bitcoin industry as most companies are focusing on North & South America, Europe, and Asia for their expansion.

Not just buying and selling platform for Bitcoin but also a dedicated site for prospective Middle Eastern customers has been launched by the company. It will be for the customers from the Middle-East which is going to cater their requirement for selling or buying of the digital currency with ease and comfort.

Walking Into the Less Walked Territory

In its announcement the company says that users can buy Bitcoin instantly with Cash Deposit or Bank Transfer from sellers with Bitcoins already in escrow for a low 2% fee. The company source further added that buying Bitcoin can customers can use them for whatsoever purpose and even sell them with no fee.

A lot of apprehensions are being placed by the critics as this is kind of new service for the customers and none knows whether it will be able to attract people or not. If once this feature catches the attention of the customers, some other Bitcoin companies may consider offering similar services as well.

Middle-East which so far has been seen as less lucrative a market for Bitcoin companies may get fresh air of life with the latest decision to launch a buying and selling platform for customers. The company has ventured in the less walked territory and for this simple decision it is being praised by the people who support the global expansion of the Bitcoin reach.

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