Bitphone Allows Users Make Global Calls using Digital Currency


Bitphone Allows Users Make Global Calls using Digital Currency,

When the digital currency is emerging as the right option for a lot of retailers, the last bastion was a paid international call, now, even that has become reality as Bitphone has just launched a new service that allows Bitcoiners to make global calls using digital currency. This is going to give another reason for people to own Bitcoin as well.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin Payphone is now available in beta; however, for that the users need to register and try out the new service. This is expected to make calls cheaper for the users when compared with the other calling services providers like Skype where the processing fees are too high. Skype makes users deposit US$10 into an account balance.

However, with Bitcoin and its innovative low-cost fee infrastructure to be perfect payment mechanism for a simple-to-use payphone, the users will get low-cost calling experience. The announcement from Bitphone says it is not hiding its main goal, as the company aims to compete with the digital communications giant Skype.

Bitphone is allowing its users to use the service in a computer or laptop, besides offering a traditional phone-based service. Moreover, as the Bitcoin Payphone is available in 200 countries and the company promises great audio quality when using the crypto-friendly phone service, a lot of users worldwide are going to profit from it.

The company claims that the calls processed by the service are “completely private, secure and encrypted.” With these features the company is going to compete with Skype and other similar services providers. To be one of the first users of the Bitcoin Payphone, all the users need to do is register and then deposit some BTC or other type of digital currency in their account.

Cost-effective Calling Solution for Customers around the World

Nonetheless, the cost to use Bitphone service is quite reduced as the price of a five-minute call between the United Kingdom and Singapore, for instance, was 0.369950 mBTC (or £0.07 GBP) at the time of writing. It appears crystal clear that the company then charges a connection fee of 0.1 mBTC per call.

The company also claims that paying in Bitcoin is a small price to pay for a high quality and secure phone conversation when compared to traditional phone services provided by big companies and paid for with fiat currency. It not just brings cost-effectiveness but privacy and convenience for the users.

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