BitPay Becomes the First Bitcoin Company to Feature in a TV Spot


BitPay Becomes the First Bitcoin Company to Feature in a TV Spot

After the first-ever Bitcoin Bowl football game sponsored by BitPay, a popular Bitcoin processing service for consumers and merchants, it has become the first time Bitcoin that has been featured in a TV spot. Nonetheless, though it was a smaller bowl, it has been cited to have pulled in 3.3 million viewers.

According to the Bitcoin payment processor conceived by Felton Interactive Group, the two new ads promote Bitcoin and BitPay as a secure alternative to traditional credit-card transactions. This is expected to help not just the Bitcoin payment processing company get publicity but also the digital currency which has been receiving support from various quarters.

BitPay is the largest global Bitcoin payment service provider operating from its headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in May 2011 by Anthony – Antonio Gallippi and Stephen Pair, the company has been called the “PayPal of Bitcoin”. Nonetheless, it provides payment processing services for more than 40,000 businesses.

According to the company, it processed over $100 million worth of Bitcoin transactions in 2013. In fact, in 2014, BitPay started processing $1 million daily. Catering the requirements from customers to process Bitcoin, a digital currency based on open-source software that allows efficient and anonymous transactions, BitPay has emerged as the most trusted name.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and since then it has established itself as a viable way to send and receive payments. Nonetheless, as Bitcoin is receiving support from companies like Microsoft and Dell, the year 2015 is expected to be good for it. Though there are accusations of its use in illicit drug dealing and other marginal businesses, they can be dealt with.

Saving Transaction Fees in Bitcoin Transactions

BitPay, a payment service that seeks to leverage Bitcoin for easier financial transactions both on and offline, is helping several not-for-profit organizations as well by providing them efficient solutions to receive payments. The company simplifies sending and receiving the virtual currency easier for consumers and businesses.

Regarding the TV spots, it was seen that besides a brief mention of Bitcoin during a TV commercial for, the two commercials conceived by Atlanta’s Felton Interactive Group (FIG) are the first Bitcoin-business focused TV spots.

Nonetheless, both TV spots focus on business owners who may want to increase their revenue by not paying credit-card transaction fees, which BitPay mitigates using Bitcoin. Thus, the ads were meant to educate businesses how to save money using Bitcoin transactions.

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