BitPay Announces its Annual Bitcoin Black Friday


BitPay Announces its Annual Bitcoin Black Friday – One of the largest global bitcoin payment processors BitPay recently announced November 28th to be the date of its annual Bitcoin Black Friday event, and further asked merchants to list their deals on a special domain, named

The Georgia-based company is expecting this event to be even bigger than the last year, in which it recorded over $6 million transactions in a day. In the same year, one of the merchants, named AmagiMetals, went home with $1 million in sales processed through BitPay, while renowned gift card company Gyft reported a 500% boost in Bitcoin sales as well.

With 2014 being the year for a record-breaking merchant adoption growth, BitPay current daily average transaction volume has surged to $1 million. In case of Black Friday, where even normal sales goes up by 200% each year, the payment processing company justifies to be confident for a better outcome, especially when it is offering its services to high volume ecommerce merchants like Tiger Direct, NewEgg, SchiffGold and Warner Bros Records.

“Last year’s Bitcoin Black Friday event was the most popular day in the history of bitcoin commerce,” wrote BitPay’s Marketing Manager Tony Sakich in the blog. “We hope to see even more merchants join the bitcoin community for this year’s event.”

The Bitcoin Black Friday is also likely to attract a huge merchant section from PayPal via its PayPal’s Payment Hub. Similarly, the merchant network of BitPay’s partners – Global Payments and Alternet Systems – can also take benefit from the November 28th event.

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