BitPagos Integrates BTC Payment Solution into Latin American e-commerce platform, Entrepids


BitPagos Integrates BTC Payment Solution into Latin American e-commerce platform, Entrepids

BitPagos is announcing that it has enabled Bitcoin payments for largest Latin American e-commerce solution. This is going to be a huge event for Bitcoin users in the continent as the Buenos Aires-based Bitcoin company has finished integrating their Bitcoin payment solution to make it possible for Entrepids clients to accept Bitcoin for their online stores.

The company says that with the partnership Entrepids clients can now accept Bitcoin for their online stores, including Best Buy Mexico, and high-end retail store El Palacio de Hierro. It is empowering small businesses to broaden their customer base to a global scale and for that it is leveraging new developments in payments technology.

Bitcoin Transactions for Customers in Latin America

Using the latest technology to reduce fees and facilitate faster, simpler, safer transactions with customers around the world, BitPagos is focused on bringing Bitcoin to South and Central America. The company has been working on signing up physical businesses to their Bitcoin payment processing service for quite some time as it wishes to expand the reach.

Nonetheless, this is the first major deal the young startup has struck with a major Latin American e-commerce company. Talking about the partnership BitPagos CEO and co-founder, Sebastian Serrano said that Entrepids is one of the pioneers in implementing e-commerce solutions in the region.

He further added that the partnership gives his company the opportunity to offer the advantages of this new technology for online payment, which is revolutionizing electronic commerce, and make it available to brands and leaders in a very simple way for companies. Similar views were shared by Sergio Solanot, Entrepids CEO.

Popularizing Bitcoin Payment is a Goal for BitPagos

Sergio Solanot said that there is no doubt that BitPagos is popularizing Bitcoin’s adoption. According to him companies and regional businesses are no strangers to this and by allying with BitPagos. He further admitted that the two companies are facilitating the customers to have an innovative approach to this new consumer market like customers get elsewhere.

Nonetheless, Entrepids which works with the leading Latin American brands, supporting them in the design and implementation of ecommerce solutions will help them accept Bitcoin. This is a huge decision, a part of its will to take an active role in encouraging its users to accept Bitcoin after Xapo integrated its Bitcoin payments solution into Taringa.

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