BitFury to construct $100 million data center in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city


BitFury to construct $100 million data center in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city

BitFury, a company that calls itself experts in technology, design, investment, development, manufacturing and operations, has announced that it will construct a $100 million data center in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city. The company has a very talented and dedicated team at offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam as well as in its data centers.

Thus, the Bitcoin Company has comprehensive experience in serving and delivering the excellent products and solutions for clients. In a public release the organization claims that as Georgia has been attracting key international technology companies to position itself as an investment destination and the BitFury Group have duly obliged.

The investment of $100 million in building a data center in the country’s capital of Tbilisi is going to be a great move not just for the company but also for the entire Bitcoin community. The company informs that the 100MW data center will be the second built by the BitFury Group in Georgia after the installation of a 20MW data center in Gori, a city in eastern Georgia.

Runs some of the Largest Operations in the World

BitFury claims that it produces semiconductors and servers for Blockchain transaction processing and also run some of the largest operations in the world with data centers in Iceland and the Republic of Georgia. The company claims that it is excited about the future and hopes traders too would be enjoying it.

Best part about BitFury is that it claims that the market in energy efficiency, the primary driver of Bitcoin economics and are already hard at work on the next generation 16nm chip that is expected to achieve 0.06 J/GH this year. Best part is the block chain infrastructure provider and transaction processing company also has offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

BitFury has 20Mw data center

Talking about the entire development, Eprem Urumashvili, BitFury’s official representative in Georgia stated that Georgia will have three main benefits a $100 million USD investment, to bring modern information technologies into the country and to be added to the innovative technologies world map.

As the information regarding the services and features BitFury has 20Mw data center operating in Gori is serving Bitcoin transactions with up to 6,000 servers every day. Similarly, as BitFury had acquired privatized land of 185,000 square meters from the Georgian National Agency of State Property in the Gldani district in Tbilisi, it is expected to move further.

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